About Johnathan Hale

Johnathan Hale, born and raised in Portland, OR, has been a San Diego resident and small business owner since 2002. Starting out working on high-end web sites for law firms, Hale wanted to use his web design and marketing talents to give back to the LGBT and greater community. In 2002, he formed SDPIX as a side hobby, with the intention of taking photos of people at San Diego night spots and community events, posting the pictures online for sale, and donating all proceeds to charity.

In October 2009, Hale wanted to change the tone and tenor of the dialogue happening within the local LGBT community, and took his company to a new level by gathering a group of community leaders and friends to create San Diego Gay & Lesbian News (www.SDGLN.com), which has become the most read LGBT news source in San Diego. SDGLN's success was immediately evident and the news source, which is based in Hillcrest, has achieved an international reach that covers issues of local, state, national, worldwide importance. In July 2013, Hale launched the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender News Network (GLBTNN.com), an international news site that covers LGBT news from around the globe.

Now serving as Board President of the Hillcrest Business Association, Hale is committed to serving the community in which he does business, and has been an active participant in numerous community activities. During his time on the board, Hale has been an ardent supporter of the Hillcrest Pride Flag Project, and has been committed to making HBA's specials events an even greater experience for the community. Under his leadership, popular Hillcrest events like CityFest, the Pride of Hillcrest Block Party, and Nightmare on Normal Street have expanded and attracted a wider base of participants. Hale is committed to making Hillcrest be the most vibrant area in the city for all of its residents, visitors, and business owners.

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